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AG Stones stands as your premier destination for natural stone and quartz, ensuring a touch of sophistication in every space. Renowned for our commitment to quality, customers entrust us with the transformation of their kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower walls, and fireplaces. Our dedication lies in delivering tailor-made solutions that perfectly align with your distinctive requirements.We invite you to explore the possibilities, feel the textures, and envision the beauty of natural stone enhancing your surroundings.

1 Defining your Project Size: A Crucial Starting Point

Understanding the scope of your project is the first step towards transforming your space with AG Stones. Are you embarking on a full-scale renovation or opting for a partial remodel? Clarifying whether you plan to replace cabinets, flooring, and fixtures or simply upgrade your countertops helps us tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

Factors to Consider:

Budget Matters: The cost of new countertops varies based on materials and project size. AG Stones caters to a range of budgets, from a few thousand dollars to more extensive projects reaching tens of thousands, encompassing both top-quality materials and seamless installation.

Timeframe Considerations: Timing is everything. New countertops can be a quick update or a more extended process, taking anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. AG Stones values your time and ensures a timeline that aligns with your project goals, delivering results efficiently and with precision.

2 Finding the Right Support for your Project

As you embark on your project with AG Stones, determining the right level of assistance is crucial. Whether you're planning a grand-scale renovation or a smaller remodel, understanding your needs is key. Will your project involve a comprehensive transformation, including cabinet replacements, flooring, and fixture upgrades, or are you focused on elevating your space through countertop enhancements alone?

Interior Designers

Engaging the services of an Interior Designer is a prudent decision for significant projects. These professionals specialize in creating designs that align with your vision, and managing the entire remodeling process. They also collaborate with skilled contractors, including cabinet installers, plumbers, and stone fabricators, ensuring seamless coordination to bring your project to fruition.

Stone Fabricator

When you reach a specific phase in your project, it becomes crucial to partner with an experienced stone fabricator. These professionals ensure precise measurements of your space and take care of the entire process, from purchasing to cutting and installation of the selected stone. If you haven't found a fabricator yet, AG Stones is prepared to offer assistance—reach out to the nearest AG Stones branch for guidance.

AG Stones Support

Whether you're seeking expert guidance from the project's inception or assistance in choosing colors and designs, AG Stones welcomes you to visit any of our locations. Our approachable and informed staff, coupled with efficiently organized warehouses, guarantees a smooth experience, offering an extensive inventory to suit diverse budget requirements. Rely on AG Stones for expert support at every phase of your project journey.

3 Get Inspired with AG Stones!

Unlock a world of design possibilities with AG Stones and discover what truly inspires your unique style. We offer a range of tools to guide you on this exciting journey.


Dive into limitless designs with our visualizer tool, allowing you to envision different stones in various room settings. Once you find the perfect match, save your design and bring it with you when you visit us. It's a simple way to see your ideas come to life!

Visualize your Space

Inspiration Gallery

Explore a multitude of kitchen and bathroom styles, all brought to life with our materials. This gallery is designed to spark your creativity, helping you find what truly appeals to and inspires you.

Get ready to embark on a visual journey with AG Stones, where inspiration meets.

Get Inspired

4 Explore Your Options with AG Stones

At AG Stones, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive inventory of quartz and natural stone across all our locations. But what sets each option apart? Let's delve into the benefits and differences.

Dive into Possibilities

5 Visit an AG Stones Showroom

When the time comes to choose your countertop, make your way to the nearest AG Stones showroom—no appointment necessary!

What to Anticipate

Our team of amiable and well-informed professionals is prepared to support you during the selection process. Taking into account both the functional requirements of your space and your aesthetic preferences, we are here to help you make an informed choice for the ideal material for your project.

How to Prepare

Feel free to bring any swatches, samples, or design materials you may have. It can be especially beneficial to have samples of your prospective cabinets, flooring, and paint when choosing a stone for your countertops. A little preparation goes a long way in guaranteeing a cohesive color and design coordination.

Reserve your Materials

After selecting your slabs, we can secure the material for you. Following this, your fabricator will take charge, concluding the finer details, making essential purchases, and commencing the installation process.

Your Dream Space is just a Showroom Visit Away!

Come visit AG Stones and let us transform your vision into reality.

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